Innovative Diagnostics at IndivuTest

IndivuTest uses procedures for scientific cancer analysis used in cancer research but usually not for diagnostic purposes. This is due to the fact, to properly perform these procedures, the cancer tissue sample must be obtained under scientific control, which normally cannot be guaranteed during routine processes in a hospital or medical practice. We solved this problem in recent years. In the existing network with hospitals and oncologists, our correspondingly trained staff will ensure scientifically correct harvesting of tissue samples. Also, test methods already implemented at specialized cancer hospitals are used.

If tissue sampling is not possible or if the tissue in an individual case does not have enough cancer cells, part of the testing can nonetheless be performed by the partner company Sysmex Inostics GmbH, (website) using a blood test.
Also, the procedure used at Sysmex Inostics enables the success of the therapy to be monitored.

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