Highly standardized Tissue Harvesting

To be able to use all analytical possibilities, it is necessary for cancer tissue to be harvested according to certain scientific standards which are not used at present. Important analysis, such as the signaling pathway analysis, either cannot be performed, or only a small part of the analysis can be performed using tissue samples as they are normally processed for pathology examination. Thus the availability of frozen tissue, which can be stored indefinitely at -180°C, is an absolute necessity for various modern analytical methods.

An important factor for the precise analysis of tissue is immediate freezing of the tissue after being removed from the body (during a surgical procedure or a biopsy). Numerous studies have shown that the biological processes in cancer cells change within a few minutes after being removed from the body such that the relevant targets for new active substances can no longer be reliably determined.

Together with the parent company, Indivumed GmbH, IndivuTest has the experience and clinical infrastructure enabling it to ensure standardized tissue harvesting and processing for each patient with its own appropriately trained staff.

We ensure for you that:

  • qualified staff will be present for the tissue harvesting at the partner hospitals and practices,
  • the processing will be performed according to scientific standards,
  • the tissue will be frozen in -180°C liquid nitrogen immediately after it is harvested by the physician,
  • additional tissue will be fixed in formalin for histopathological analyses and processed as a paraffin block (FFPE block),
  • a blood sample will be taken, plasma will be processed and stored at -80°C,
  • the tissue and blood samples will be stored under monitored conditions and will be available as needed for comprehensive scientific testing.

The tests can be performed at IndivuTest.
However, the samples can also be sent to another research institute or laboratory of your choice.