Frequently asked questions about Tissue Analysis

• What is the benefit to me of using tissue analysis from IndivuTest?

Our analysis focuses on advanced cancers for which standard therapies have not resulted in the desired success. We cannot promise you that the treatment of your cancer will be more successful as a result of our testing. However, we can provide your attending physician with scientific information that is normally not available to him or her during therapy selection. This increases the likelihood that the drug best suited for the individual cancer is used. There is also the chance of obtaining information about drugs that are available but which are normally not used for your type of cancer. Based on the tissue data from your cancer, we search for the clinical studies that are the most appropriate for you in which new drugs are being tested. You and your attending physician will receive a multi-page report summarizing all of the test results recorded. Your oncologist may thus be able to offer you another treatment option.

Please be aware: The investigational methods are not based on clinical experience but instead on our experience and conclusions by experimental scientific research. It is possible that the conclusions drawn within the scope of your personal therapy are applicable but this is not proven and not foreseeable.

• Do health insurance plans pay for the testing?

Health insurance plans will continue to pay for your regular cancer therapy that you undergo through your oncologist. Unfortunately, most of our testing procedures are not (yet) reimbursed by statutory and private health insurance plans. You should, therefore, assume at present that you will have to cover these costs yourself. For this reason, we will draw up a contract with you indicating the expenses in detail. Moreover, we are very interested in cost reimbursement by health insurance plans and are working to guarantee this.

• How much time and effort does the scientific testing require on the part of the attending physician?

Use of the IndivuTest tests involves a considerable amount of extra effort and expenses for the attending physician. This is due initially to the preliminary information discussion and arranging for the necessary tissue harvesting, if applicable. After the analysis, having been performed at IndivuTest, a detailed discussion of the scientific data recorded is held with a scientific staff member from IndivuTest. Following this, the attending physician will evaluate the data independently for the therapy that appears to be best for you individually and will initiate the corresponding treatment with your consent. If the selected therapy involves a drug that is normally not used for your type of cancer, the oncologist must file an application with the health insurance company for coverage of costs of the treatment, if necessary. IndivuTest would be happy to assist with an application for “off-label” use.