Tissue analysis for individual cancer therapy

The objective of IndivuTest is to decode the characteristics of cancers that differ from person to person using the most modern investigational methods that can currently be used, to identify the best possible treatment option with the fewest possible adverse effects together with your attending physician.

On the one hand, this involves the application of investigational methods that are also already in use at several specialized cancer hospitals. However, procedures are also integrated into cancer analysis that were previously only used in research and which are normally not available for patients. Due to this fact, to properly perform these procedures, the cancer sample must be taken under standardized conditions that normally cannot be guaranteed during routine processes in a hospital or medical practice.

In the search for the best possible therapy at present for each patient, IndivuTest is not merely a laboratory service provider but rather a scientific partner to the attending physicians and patients.

IndivuTest combines three test methods that make it possible to obtain a picture of the individual tumor biology and possible targets:

  1. Sequencing of the tumor DNA (“next-generation sequencing”)
  2. Identification of certain targets using automatic tissue staining methods (“immunohistochemistry”)
  3. Identification of the activity of protein molecules that is important for the regulation of cancer growth (“phosphoprotein analysis”).

Sequencing is used to detect cancer-related changes in the DNA which handle the development of cancer and which give an indication of the efficacy of drugs at the same time.

While using immunohistochemistry and phosphoprotein analysis, the tumor biology is determined, and identification of potential targets for drugs made.

The combination of the three investigational methods also makes it possible to seek out drugs that would normally not be considered for your particular cancer (for example, breast, lung or colon cancer). It may be necessary in this case to submit an application to the health insurance company for the use of these active substances for what is known as “off-label use” to ensure funding of the cancer treatment following the analysis. IndivuTest will assist you and your oncologist with this application.

The testing can also help to potentially omit an active substance that would normally be used, since the target was not able to be identified, possibly avoiding adverse effects.

Also, the data obtained can be used, if necessary, to check whether and where clinical studies with new drugs are being conducted which can be of help with regard to the existing modifications.

Additional detailed information can be found in our information brochure.