Target Protein Analysis (Immunohistochemistry)

Immunohistochemical analysis (IHC) are performed on formalin-fixed tissue samples of the primary tumor and/or the metastasis. Within a very short amount of time after resection in the OR (<10 min) or following a biopsy (<1 min), the tissue is transferred in formalin for fixation and embedded in paraffin after the fixation is completed. An H&E stain of tissue sections is used to microscopically identify the proportion of tumor cells.

The identification of target proteins such as EGFR, Her-2, c-MET, VEGFR-2, IGF-1R, EML4-ALK, Ki-67, topoisomerase-II-alpha is performed using antibodies whose specificity has been previously validated.

The analysis is performed using the fully automatic Ventana BenchMark Ultra staining system from Roche, which guarantees a very high and reproducible level of quality.

The analysis provides information on the presence of therapy-relevant target proteins on cancer cells as well as the percentage of potentially targetable tumor cells. The presence of the target protein would suggest a corresponding therapy selection; the absence would rule out active substances and thus spare adverse patient reactions.