Tumor DNA Analysis in Plasma – OncoBEAM™

What is referred to as BEAMing technology enables therapy-relevant mutations in the blood to be quantitatively detected with the same accuracy as in the case of tissue analysis. The technology, based on an invention of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, enables DNA molecules that are continuously emitted by cancer cells into the bloodstream, to be analyzed in a high-throughput technique and specific mutations to be identified.

If tumor tissue is not available, it is possible to identify cancer-related mutations nonetheless using this technique. Moreover, using the BEAMing technology, a recurrence of or increase in size of the tumor can be detected, and resistance mutations (e.g. conversion of KRAS wild type into KRAS mutant) can be detected early on.

The diagnostic use of circulating tumor DNA in plasma is offered by IndivuTest to:

  • identify therapy-relevant mutations for targeted therapy selection (if no currently harvested tumor tissue is available for sequencing).
  • use tumor-specific mutations in blood as a biomarker for progress monitoring and early detection of tumor recurrence.
  • evaluate the response to a therapy and if nessessary, to detect early development of resistence.

The methode may be applied:

  • For malignant solid Tumor diseases, especially of colon, lung, melanoma and breast.

Analysis is carried out in collaboration with IndivuTest’s partner Sysmex Inostics GmbH (website).