Analytical Concept

The objective of the IndivuTest diagnostic testing is to obtain as accurate a picture as possible of the molecular tumor biology of the individual cancer. In this process, the analysis focuses on potentially therapy-relevant changes in cancer cells and involves the determination of various related groups of molecules:

  • of the tumor DNA (mutation detection)
    ♦ Sequencing (NGS)
    ♦ BEAMing for mutation detection in the plasma
  • of growth-regulating proteins (in particular growth factor receptors), which at the same time represent drug target points,
    ♦ Automated immunohistochemistry
  • and key proteins that regulate the activity of signaling pathway proteins relevant to therapy (quantification of phosphorylation).
    ♦ Quantification of the total vs. phosphorylated proportion of protein using automated, capillary-based immunoassay.

Studies have shown that the standardized and rapid tissue processing following tissue harvesting is of crucial importance for the significance of the protein analysis ( For this reason, we only perform signaling pathway analysis, for example, when the tissue was harvested according to the standard that we developed.